Google, HTC & Apple; Let’s Get Ready to Rumble


So far I though that Google would play Mr. Nice Guy and would just relax until called upon but today they have responded to what Apple has done by filing a lawsuit against HTC for 20 iPhone patent infringements.

According to Engadget Google has responded by giving out the following statement:

"We are not a party to this lawsuit. However, we stand behind our Android operating system and the partners who have helped us to develop it."

HTC has already made it clear that they are ready to face the charges put against them in the court of law and let me tell you right now the outcome of this entire episode. Apple needs to stay in news as they are planning to launch their iPhone 4.0 in June. After the chaos they created with iPad, they need to give back something to the market and HTC might have come up with a technology within their new phones which Apple was also thinking about (No its not HTC Sense). Therefore, since people are going to talking about it for next month or so, till Apple will start rumors about its upcoming iPhone.

Where does Google come in? Well, I feel that Google was dragged into it by mistake by Apple Legal team and since the petition was filed, there is no turning back. Also Apple might be a little scared of Android as the adoption rate of Android is better than iPhone by all operators.

Let's wait and see where this all mellow drama goes but this sure is not the year for Apple but this scenario reminds me of a song (Bad Boys) which by replacing the two words would sound like this. "Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs, what ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when they come for you" (apologies to the original author of this song)

Via: Engadget