Google Has Reduced Play Store Subscription Fee to 15% for All Android Devs


Google today has announced that it will only take a 15% cut on all the subscriptions from day one. Currently, the subscription fees only drop to 15% from 30% if the customers keep a subscription for12 straight months. This is similar to what Apple has been doing, but Google has said that “customer churn makes it challenging for subscription businesses to benefit from that reduced rate.”

Google's Reduction of Subscription Fee is Great for Consumers and Developers

Keeping that in mind, Google Play is reducing the service fee for all subscriptions from 30% to 15% "starting from day one." This removes the year-long requirement as well.

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The reduced Play subscription fees go into effect on January 1, 2022. Google has also stated that  “positive feedback from our developer partners on this change."

“Our partnership with Google has been a powerful one for our business, helping us to scale and ultimately playing a key role in advancing our mission to empower women globally. The pricing change they’ve announced will allow us to better invest in our products and further empower users to confidently connect online.”

Whitney Wolfe Herd, Founder and CEO, Bumble Inc.

“Just as every person learns in different ways, every developer is different as well. We’re excited to see Google continuing to collaborate with the ecosystem to find models that work for both the developer and platform. This reduction in subscription fees will help Duolingo accelerate our mission of universally available language learning.”

Luis von Ahn, Co-Founder and CEO of Duolingo.

There is no denying that Google's move will reflect nicely on the developers and the customers who are subscribed to various services. If you want to read more about Google's new decision, you can head over here and get all the information.