Google Email Uploader for Apple Mac


It is not a new or breaking news that Google has been providing Email Up-loader services to its users. The Windows version has been widely applauded and ever since Google has decided to use its space for any file, the user base has started increasing. So wondering what else could they do with these huge storage spaces they were left with each user, they decided on utilizing it the best possible way.

Recently, Google launched its Email Uploader service for Apple Mac users as well, where just like Windows, an uploading client is needed which then searches your computer for emails [Eudora, Mail or Thunderbird] and uploads then to your Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account then you can sign up for free (duh!)

The service is with its limitations. First you cannot use you "" emails to be uploaded again to your Google accounts. Secondly, the only emails you can upload are the ones hosted through Google Apps. This essentially means that the target user base is pretty small as compared to the ones who will sign up for this kind of service in future.

The uploader also has a limitation in terms of how many emails can be uploaded. The first 500 will be done very quickly, but then there will be 1 email per second to upload. This is done in order to not to overload Google servers and also keeping a check on the storage available in the Google email inbox. IMAP emails can also be uploaded with out a hassle.

Follow the link to download and test this latest service for Apple Mac users. Google Email Uploaded for Mac