Google Duo Has Surpassed Pokemon Go To Be The Most Popular Free App In Play Store


Google's Duo video calling app was released merely a week ago and by the look of it, the app has hit milestones in the US. Google Duo is now the most downloaded app on the Google Play Store which is offered for free. While the app is still fresh, the company also announced a future update that will add support for audio-only calls. This definitely makes sense as users do not always prefer to talk over video.

Google Duo Jumped Ahead Of Pokemon Go And Facebook Messenger In Google Play Store

Another app that caught a world of attraction is Pokemon Go. Users around the world have been going crazy over the augmented reality game. Moreover, Pokemon Go also broke a series of records to begin with. However, Google Duo has gone a step further and it is now the most downloaded free app in US on the Play Store. This is definitely an achievement Google would be proud of.


In the 'Top Free' section of the Google Play Store, you will now find Google Duo at the top of the list while Pokemon Go, Messenger, Facebook and Snapchat complete the list. Google Duo for Android is like FaceTime on iOS. While being a newbie to the table, Google Duo seems to have gathered a lot of traction among Android users.


Apart from the download stats, Google Duo has also managed to score 4.5 stars out of 5 which is an impressive number on its own. Pokemon Go and Messenger on the other hand scored 4.1 and 3.9 stars, respectively. So the ratings suggests Google Duo as a much better app than the rest available in the list. This is a huge mark in Google's accounts considering the amount of time the app received.


At the initial launch time, Google Duo was only available at selected regions. Now the app has been rolled out globally. By the passage of time, more users will be added to the list and the numbers would eventually grow. Google Duo offers quite a handful of features to users like Knock Knock. Knock Knock allows users to see a glimpse of what kind of situation the the caller is in. This is definitely a unique feature that not many, if not all, video calling apps offer.

Google Duo is available on both iOS and Android, so if you haven't installed it yet, make sure you do and give it a swing. This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Google Duo surpassing Pokemon Go in the Google Play Store? Have you tried Duo? Let us know in the comments how you liked it.