Will Google Read Your Mind to Offer “Copyless” Pasting on Android? Nope, Won’t Be That Cool – Yet

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When "copy" loses its job thanks to Google. No one is complaining, though.

Copy pasting is one of the worst things (and I truly mean it!) that you have to do on mobile. It's annoying, it's finicky and it's hardly ever perfect. It hurts me to even think about the fact that Apple and Google - despite their several attempts - have largely failed to offer something that eliminates the hassle out of copy pasting. Apparently, Android is now trying to offer you an anxiety-free copy pasting experience that doesn't even need you to copy. The feature that is reportedly going to be introduced soon is based on - you guessed it - context.

Google to soon offer "Copyless Paste" through Chrome

Google's capabilities when it comes to "context" aren't limited to Google Assistant. The search giant is now working to offer "copyless pasting" using your browser history. The feature will think about what you are currently looking at in Chrome and will make it available in other apps. Your Android phone will use this context to determine what you would want to paste.

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It isn't clear if the Copyless Paste feature for Android will only copy certain strings like proper nouns and timings of an appointment or entire paragraphs. Working like an advanced version of autofill, it doesn't seem to be the perfect solution making it easier to copy just that half of one sentence right in the middle of a paragraph but it does sound more convenient than what we have right now. Here's how Google explains its Copyless Paste feature.

Provide suggestions for text input, based on your recent context. For example, if you looked at a restaurant website and switched to the Maps app, the keyboard would offer the name of that restaurant as a suggestion to enter into the search bar. The data is indexed locally, and never sent to the server. It’s disabled in incognito mode.

As mentioned in the above feature details, the data isn't sent to any server, which means everything happens locally on your own phone. Yay! Thank the Googlord and wish that it never does leave the confinements of your phone.

Folks at Venture Beat reported that Google had started to begin working on this new Copyless Paste feature back in February and that it could arrive with Chrome 60 for Android in the coming few months. We would probably learn more about this copyless pasting at Google I/O next month, along with the introduction of Android O.

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