Google Somewhat Confirmed That Android O is Oreo – Could Be a Planned Move Too

Zara Ali
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Every year when Google reveals the new version for its Android OS, the company also unleashes the name of the version - a dessert's name. Year on year, we have seen the naming system ascending alphabetical-wise, this year it is for Android "O". Since the first preview of the OS, many Android fans have been rooting for "Oreo" as the name for the version. And it seems like Google is most likely to name Android 8.0 as Android Oreo.

Today, a teaser video post (now deleted) for Android O carried the file name "GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4". After realising the big goof up, the company pulled it down and uploaded the video with a new filename - "OctopusTeaser.mp4". Well, this looks like a well-planned move to us. Google just wants to test the waters or maybe tease its fans and make them believe that Oreo is indeed the chosen name for the version.

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Oatmeal Cookie?

To recall, last year most of us were cheering for "Nutella" instead of "Nougat", but Google took the road less travelled and named the version Nougat, while disappointing Nutella fans. However, in the case of Android "O", there aren't many desserts that start with an O, and Oreo looks like an obvious choice. But, we also learned that Google is also considering "Oatmeal Cookie" as the potential name.

Google Oreo


Although Google deleted the video it posted, many were quick enough to grab a screenshot before it disappeared. The video posted by Google was to tease the August 21st reveal date for Android O and also for the Solar Eclipse. The file name, however, spilt the beans. Or maybe Google just wanted to create buzz about it and then maybe announce a different name. The company loves to give surprises, we swear.

The possibilities are just endless when it comes to Google's naming game. All the speculations will find ground on August 21st when the company officially reveals the name of the latest version. Until then, stay tuned with us for more news on Android O.

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