Google Chrome Will Soon Allow You To Permanently Mute Audio On Websites

Zara Ali
Google Chrome

Over the decade, a lot of changes have been made to browsers and websites. We now have a better and faster interface that makes the internet a seemingly happy place (but there are dark places too!) While we sit and smile at how things have been made better, there are also new features like video autoplay that bug us. However, Google seems to be focusing on the right stuff and is now bringing some pretty useful functionality to its Chrome browser.

According to Googler François Beaufort, Chrome will soon get the ability to mute websites so that they don't have to worry about the videos or audio that starts playing without permission.

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Beaufort shared a post on Google+ earlier today to reveal that Google's Chrome team is working on bringing a new feature that will let users mute entire websites in a few clicks. He also shared a screenshot, and we can see that users will get the feature under the "Secure" label that is located on the left of the address bar. When users click on the Secure option, they will see a pop-up menu consisting of the new Sound option with controls for muting sounds from particular websites.

This feature could prove to be pretty helpful for the websites that are loaded with video ads that start auto playing. While most of the sites play ad videos, there are also some websites that play their own video content.

Earlier this month, Google announced that it would also roll out some ad-blocking features in Chrome at the beginning of 2018. These features would help in getting rid of annoying online ads. Meanwhile, the upcoming mute feature will also be of great help in avoiding auto-playing ads on websites.

For now, there is no word when Google will start rolling out the Sound Tab on Chrome's full version. But, Chrome Canary users can try it out right now by enabling - "enable-features-SoundContentSetting".

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