Google Chrome Browser For iOS Updated With 3D Touch, More Keyboard Shortcuts


For a lot of users, Safari is the go-to browser on the iPhone and iPad. But some users prefer third-party offerings, and without a doubt, Chrome by Google sits on top of the food chain. And thanks to Google's wonderful support, Chrome on iOS keeps getting better and better with every single new update, with today's update bringing with it two awesome features which are sure to tickle the fancy a lot of fans.

Google Chrome

If you're in the ownership of the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, then you'll be pleased to learn that Chrome now fully supports 3D Touch, which means that you can now hard press on the Chrome icon on the home screen to open a new or incognito tab, or invoke a voice search.

Apart from the added 3D Touch support, Google has added far better support for keyboard shortcuts. If you happen to use a Bluetooth keyboard with your iOS device, then you can simply use keyboard shortcuts to open a new tab, close it, reload and more.

The complete changelog of the new Chrome for iOS update is as follows:

• Added support for more keyboard shortcuts. Now you can do more with your Bluetooth keyboard like opening, closing and changing tabs or conducting a voice search.
• Support for 3D touch on iPhone 6s/+. Force touch the Chrome icon to quickly open a new tab, a new incognito* tab, or conduct a voice search

While the changes might look small at face value, but if you make use of 3D Touch and Bluetooth keyboards a lot, then this update is a must-have for you.


Google Chrome browser for iOS is absolutely free to download for both iPhone and iPad. If, for some reason, you believe that Safari isn't the browser you're looking for then Mountain View's offering is something which you should definitely check out. Simply tap on this link to initiate the download.

If you already have Chrome installed on your iPhone or iPad, then simply launch the App Store and tap on the 'Updates' tab to grab the latest update. It won't take more than a few seconds to install, depending on your Internet connection, and it's a wonderful practice to always be on the latest update no matter what.

If you do happen to take the new Chrome for iOS update for a spin, then be sure to share your thoughts about it with us in the comments section below.