Google Rolls Out ‘Payments on Google Assistant’ Feature With New Update


Google Assistant is gearing up to get a new feature, which is being teased since December. The app will now have a new Payment option in the settings that will enable users to add a credit card. The new setting is now available for Pixel owners as Google Assistant is only limited to Google's Pixel lineup.

According to a new report by 9to5 Google, the new option for payment debuted on Google Assistant on Wednesday night. It was not visible when the new 6.13 update made its way to the platform in beta version, but it is now up for usage as a server-side update. When the user taps on the new payment app, it brings up sub-menu options such as “Set up payments & delivery info” for “packages, groceries, and other purchases.” The app shows an interactive tutorial that enlightens users about how to add credit card details and sync the option with other devices.

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The new payment option is in compliance with Google Payments Terms of Service, which means to set up the payments, the user would also need to agree to the conditions of Google Express - a home delivery service by Google. In all, Google seems to have big plans for its Assistant app especially when it comes to purchasing stuff online.

Once users agree to the terms of service, they will just have to add credit card information along with the address. You can also sync your Google Home smart speaker with the payments setup so that you can pay via Google Home. The new payments option is visible under Account settings. Users can also disable the new option by toggling the “Pay through your Assistant” button. However, they can still store payment information for future use.

For now, the service is just available to add payment details as Google is yet to partner with third-party developers to integrate the new payment system so that users can pay swiftly via Google Assistant and other smart devices like Google Home. The new option is just there for show, and it is just a hint that Google will soon be introducing new services in compliance with the new payment setup.

Stay tuned with us for more information about new features debuting on Google Assistant.