Google Assistant Can Now Be Used to Brighten Up Your Day With a Dose of ‘Good News’

Thanks to the absolute state of reality we live in, looking at the news can often be depressing. Yes, you can get rid of some of the melancholy by looking at cat videos, but it often takes a lot more than that. There is some good news out there but is often hard to find among the sea of clickbaity shock-inducing listicles. Now, instead of spending hours on YouTube, all you need to do for your daily dose of wholesome content is  A new feature is rolling out that delivers some "good news" when you ask for it. Just say "Hey Google, tell me something good."

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“Tell me something good” is a new experimental feature for Assistant users in the U.S. that delivers your daily dose of good news. It isn't clear at this point as to exactly what constitutes as 'good news', but according to Google, it about 'real people are making progress solving real issues'. It's called "solutions journalism," and the video above explains Google's goals in more detail. According to their blog post

The stories come from a wide range of media outlets, curated and summarized by the Solutions Journalism Network. They’re a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to spreading the practice of solutions journalism, which highlights how problems are solvable and that doing better is possible.

The feature is live on Assistant right now. Each piece of good news is a snippet summarizing a news story in about 20 seconds. Assistant tells you the source and reads off the news but doesn't seem to provide a link in the Home app for additional information.

News Source: Google

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