GOG Adds Six More Classic LucasArt’s Games to their Catalog

LucasArt's wasn't only known for their foray into the Star Wars universe. No, they had several critically acclaimed titles that were actually their very own original IP, not to mention the first Indiana Jones video games that they spearheaded. GOG has seen fit to revive six more enticing titles from the LucasArt's catalog.

Above are the various characters in LucasArts games from yore.

Six old LucasArt's game titles have made their way onto the GOG platform today such as The Dig, Monkey Island 2 and Loom.

It might come as a surprise to some that LucasArt's makes anything other than a Star Wars game, but the titles that they've produced historically have all been very well reviewed and tremendously fun. They have always had a lot of talent at their disposal and seemed to not waste any of it. It's a shame, then, that LucasArt's has shut down it's doors in favor of an IP licensing model instead. But nonetheless, the original games that came out of LucasArt's in their golden ages were fantastic.

But GOG is here to rescue us once again from having to find older computer parts to make a retro-ish gaming PC to handle these lovely classics. On GOG right now you can find six new old titles from LucasArt's classical period. Making them compatible with newer systems along the way.

All of those titles are available right now along side their Star Wars counterparts. Perhaps the influx in titles will spur a little LucasArt's/ Disney sale sometime soon. Now that would be quite generous indeed!

GOG, a subsidiary of CD Projekt RED somehow is able to come up with the greatest licensing deals I've ever seen. Specifically when it comes to reviving long lost games that the younger generations may have never heard about. It's almost a promise to help revive PC gaming for everyone, regardless of the titles you enjoy or want to re-enjoy. They've held up to that promise so far I think.

I have particularly fond memories of trying to get the Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb demo working back in 2003 to no avail. Maybe its a sign that I need to check it out. Regardless, does anyone here have any favorite LucasArt's titles? Including the wonderfully Mercenaries?

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