God of War Developer Sony Santa Monica is Hiring for a New Unannounced Title

Nathan Birch
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Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Santa Monica studio is one of the company’s crown jewels, so when they start working on something new, it’s big news. We already know the studio is working on God of War Ragnarok (or whatever the game ends up being subtitled), but apparently another new title is ramping up production. This info comes courtesy of a new SIE Santa Monica job ad, which is seeking an art director for an “unannounced title.”

We are seeking an experienced Art Director for the development of a new unannounced title! Do you love collaborating to build genre-defining games? Join us as we embark on a new journey! [The applicant should] have practical experience in defining and maintaining a world-class artistic vision to support the overall game vision with a proven execution to ship. They will coordinate large teams of artists across multiple subject areas to execute on the creative promise for a large-scale new project.

So, what might this new SIE Santa Monica be? There’s no knowing for sure, but there have been rumors that the director of 2018’s God of War, Cory Barlog, is less involved in the sequel, and back in 2018 he hinted he wanted his next game to be something completely original

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I really would love to create something of my own next. Something that really, truly, 100 percent is coming from my original vision. That would be awesome. But we have to see if I can convince Sony on that one.

It should also be mentioned that Barlog went out of his way to retweet the job ad discussed above. A hint that this art director will be working with him on his new game perhaps?

SIE Santa Monica’s next God of War game has been announced for PS5, although Sony hasn’t closed the door on a PS4 release. The game is slated to launch sometime in 2021.

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