Lyft And GM Will Expand Express Drive Into Three More Cities In the US

Ahmed Bilal

Ride sharing is one thing, but getting a rented car for free (except for the gas obviously) is great! That is exactly what Express Drive from GM and Lyft wants to give you. The recently started car rental service by both giants is now expanding into California and Colorado. The service started back in March this year in Chicago and has been a success ever since. The first expansion of the service was very recent and the program expanded into Baltimore, Washington DC and Boston. Now the companies are expanding their rental service to San Francisco this summer. This will be followed by an expansion into Los Angeles and then Denver most probably in the following fall.

Express Drive by Lyft and GM might be coming to a city near you very soon

The service is not your usual rent a car program you see every day. It is a unique program that encourages people to driver around more for which they get benefits in return. The more number of trips a driver completes successfully the lesser he/she owes Lyft in rental payments. But the best part about this program is that if a driver completes 65 or more successful trips in one week in the rental then he/she only has to pay the gas charges. In other words the rental fee becomes zero after more 65 or more trips, which is just splendid for travelers.

Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017 (soon to be released) model and the extended range of the Chevy Volt 2016 EV are in the line of the vehicles that can be rented under the Express Drive. GM president Dan Ammann called the electric vehicles “a perfect fit for ridesharing.”

Express Drive

Drivers using Express Drive vehicles have managed to earn $2 million since the program’s start and the numbers will rise. In addition to that, in Chicago almost 30% of new Lyft drivers have requested for the Express Drive vehicles. Lyft is also seeking other avenues for supplying Lyft drivers with vehicles and that was shown in its recent partnership with car rental giant Hertz last month.



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