Ghostwire: Tokyo Has Been Rated in Korea, Hinting an Early 2022 Release Date is Still On

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Is Ghostwire: Tokyo almost here? The new game from Shinji Mikami’s Tango Gameworks was announced with a fair amount of excitement back in 2019, but updates on the PS5 console exclusive have been somewhat sparse since then. Last we heard, the game had been pencilled in for a spring 2022 release date, but can we really expect to play the game soon? It seems we can, as the game has been officially rated by the Korean Game Rating Committee. This would seem to indicate a release is coming sometime fairly soon. The Korean board has given the game a 15+ rating, for “realistic, but not excessive violence.”

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While Ghostwire: Tokyo is being developed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s company, it’s mainly the brainchild of director Kenji Kimura and creative director Ikumi Inakamura, who left the project partway through. Here are the game’s key features:

  • Face The Unknown, Uncover The Truth And Save The City - Tokyo is overrun by deadly supernatural forces, perpetrated by a dangerous occultist, causing Tokyo’s population to vanish in an instant. Ally with a powerful spectral entity on their quest for vengeance and master a powerful arsenal of abilities to unravel the dark truth behind the disappearance as you FACE THE UNKNOWN in Ghostwire: Tokyo.
  • A Beautifully Haunted Tokyo - Explore a unique vision of Tokyo twisted by a supernatural presence. From its ultra-modern cityscape to its traditional temples and narrow alleyways, discover a hauntingly beautiful city teeming with Yokai - vengeful spirits that prowl the streets. Discover iconic landmarks like Shibuya Crossing and Tokyo Tower, frozen in time when the city’s population disappeared and travel to the surreal underworld on your quest to save your family.
  • Next-Gen Immersion - With the power and speed of the PlayStation®5 console, Tango Gameworks forges a beautiful, supernatural version of modern Tokyo.
  • Devastating Elemental Abilities - Wield a combination of upgradeable elemental powers and ghost-hunting skills to combat the supernatural threat.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is set to haunt PC and PS5 in spring of 2022.

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