Getflix: Don’t Let a Little Geo-Restriction Stand Between You & Your Favorite Show

Travelling is fun and adventurous. But, few days in and it also makes you feel homesick, craving for some home TV time on a couch with nothing but some junk food. These days become even more recurrent when you are travelling for a long period of time or when you travel for work and don't have any interest in getting out of your room. Bored, you try to stream Netflix, Hulu or any other streaming service that you have subscribed to and turns out you can't have your TV-time thanks to geo-restrictions. You try the VPNs, but it slows down the internet traffic and ultimately, you feel tired of trying so many things and being unable to watch your favorite series simply because of being in a different region.

No worries, as now you can get a lifetime subscription to Getflix which unblocks more than 100 streaming channels around the world and lets you access fast and quality streams, legally. For the times when you have that lovely subscription, but your IP address might be geo-locked, use Getflix and be in for some fun!


Don't Let a Little Geo-Restriction Stand Between You & Your Favorite Show

So when you say you want to watch Netflix and chill, but you happen to be in Chile and Netflix won't let you, then Getflix might help quite a bit. That too for only $39 for a lifetime subscription.

What you get from Getflix for a lifetime:

  • Access popular global streaming services from anywhere around the world
  • Access to over 50+ VPN nodes
  • Enjoy a fast & reliable solution for watching TV, listening to online radio & more
  • Benefit from easy-to-use Smart DNS technology
  • Get a free, optional VPN & SmartVPN account to encrypt all your traffic with 256Bit SSL encryption
  • Use w/ all of your favorite devices
  • Utilize the services without needing to install any software
  • Allows access to SmartDNS network from unlimited devices

So why the wait? Enjoy the holidays to the fullest and get a 88% limited time discount while subscribing to Getflix for your lifetime for just $39!

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