Get the Powerhouse Roborock S6 Pure with Bigger Water Tank for Just $499.99 [Mother’s Day Deal]

Introduced at the CES this year, Roborock has finally released its S6 Pure smart vacuum cleaner specially designed for bigger spaces. Bringing some serious processing power and precision laser navigation, S6 Pure can map out your home to clean one room, many rooms, or your whole house with just a few taps on your phone.

The just-launched S6 Pure also boasts a broad sensor network for a more comprehensive cleaning experience and noise control that makes it extra quiet. Catering to users with larger homes, S6 Pure also carries an expanded water tank.

Roborock announces S6 Pure designed for bigger spaces

Every home is different, which means cleaning products should stop following cookie-cutter formats and cater to all the different requirements. Some homemakers who have pets or small children look for products that are designed to be extra vigilant towards those tiny pieces of hair or debris. Others have large real estate to get cleaned and cannot afford to have their products overheat during the cleaning process.

Roborock with its years of experience of creating robotic cleaning partners for the world has been producing robovacs that cater not only to different needs but also at affordable price tags. The robovac maker's latest Roborock S6 Pure is the perfect addition to your home if you want a product that has a large water tank and can deal with the cleaning burden of big spaces.

Roborock released S6 Pure earlier this week, which went on sale for $549.99 in the United States. Since Mother's Day is here, the company is offering an early bird discount of $50 on S6 Pure, bringing the price down to just $499.99 (valid through May 6 to May 12 with free shipping).

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Highlights of Roborock S6 Pure

  • High-precision laser navigation system spinning at 300rpm
  • Advanced mapping system automatically splits your home into areas
  • Schedule cleanups for one room, several rooms, and entire floors
  • Adaptive algorithms calculate the most efficient cleaning route for each room
  • Place no-go zones and virtual barriers using the Roborock app
  • Thirteen sensor types to help S6 Pure fall avoidance, carpet boost, height sensitivity, avoid getting stuck, and more
  • Equipped with a 5200mAH lithium-ion powerhouse
  • One charge can cover an area of up to 3300sqft (up to 3 hours of cleaning on one charge)
  • Large 180ml water tank: mop and vacuum up to 1610sqft in a single clean
  • Smart Top-up:  S6 Pure to return to the dock when power is low and recharge just enough to finish the clean

You can now get your hands on Roborock S6 Pure for just $499.99 during the ongoing Mother's Day sale at Amazon. The price will bump  up to $549.99 after May 12.

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