How To Get iPhone 6s 3D Touch Quick Actions On Older iPhones


3D Touch is without a doubt the marquee (and exclusive) feature of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, bringing quick actions to the home screen icons, while also introducing Peek and Pop actions to some parts of iOS 9. But thanks to the world of jailbreaking and the hard work of the Straya Dev Team, you can get the very same 3D Touch quick gestures on older iPhone models as well.

3D Touch

Forcy Jailbreak Tweak Brings 3D Touch Quick Actions To Older iPhones

3D Touch quick actions allow a user to simply press down on an icon and view, well, quick actions, such as taking a selfie using the stock Camera app, or quickly creating a calendar entry using the stock Calendar app. A new jailbreak tweak, called Forcy, brings those very same actions to older iPhone models. At this point, you must be thinking that smartphones prior to the iPhone 6s don't have a 3D Touch sensor to make quick actions work. Well, you're right. The tweak works by utilizing swipe gestures instead of pressing ones. Simply swipe up on an icon and a quick action for said app will appear. Nice and simple.

The Forcy tweak is so simple in nature that there are absolutely no preferences to configure once you download it from Cydia. Simply download and it will start working on the fly. If you don't like the tweak, just go ahead and uninstall it.


The tweak is absolutely free to download from the BigBoss repo in Cydia, and is a worthwhile piece of software to have specially if you have an older iPhone at hand and want to get the marquee feature from the latest and greatest flagship model.

We recommend that users go ahead and try out the tweak right away, as it will boost your productivity by saving you a lot of time. And having given the tweak a go on our iPhone 6 here, we can confirm that the tweak does indeed work as advertised.

If you do happen to try out the tweak, then be sure to let us know about it in the comments section below.

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