Get The Data Rescue 4 For Windows For A Great Price- Data Recovery Has Never Been This Economical

Zarmeen Shahzad
Data Rescue

Very often we delete files by accident or we wish to recover deleted or lost files. To solve this problem, the industry has provided us with many recovery software that successfully aid us in this regard. Data Rescue 4 for Windows is one recovery software available in the market. It is an elite option that helps recover data for your PC and helps restore photos, videos and documents after a hard drive crash or reinstallation of OS. It also aids in restoring files that were lost or deleted by accident.

Data Rescue 4 features

The Data Rescue 4 comes with a lot of features and aids users in many ways. Some are as follows:

  •  Works on all hard drives even if they fail to or only partially mount
  •  Recovers data from up to 5 drives
  •  Recovers crashed, corrupted and non-mounting hard drives
  •  Simplifies data recovery after a crash with Bootwell
  •  Recovers damaged and missing files
  •  Clones an exact copy of your hard drive for quicker recovery
  •  Recovers digital pictures from your camera even after it's been erased or reformatted
  •  Supports data recovery from NTFS-based Boot Camp Partitions

Other details

This deal is offering version 4 of Data Rescue. It can recover data from up to 5 drives, unlimited in size. The Data Rescue 4 also provides users with both online and phone support. To ensure that your files are not overwritten, it requires that you have a second drive to recover the data to. The software, however, cannot recover an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connected hard drive. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. The language offered is English.

You can purchase the product at a great price at this site. After purchase you must redeem within 30 days of purchase. So what are you waiting for? Get the deal now before it expires.

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