German website confirms Red Dead Redemption PC version, DirectX 11 and 3D?

Rockstar has been giving the PC the cold shoulder for a while now, the last proper game I remember on the PC was Max Payne 2 and I think Bully? Correct me if I am wrong. But one thing I am sure of is that GTA 4 was definitely a half ass effort on the side of Rockstar when it came to the PC version. On release date this game bought mammoth sized system to their knees on the simplest of graphic settings and resolutions. The game being a port simply loved the Quad Core processors.

A German website has reason to believe that the PC version of John Marstons adventure might just find it's way on the PC. Throwing in DirectX 11 and 3D? Yeah the last company to promise us DirectX 11 on a game has delivered pretty well haven't they? (Yes Crytek I am talking about you!). While the game is now over a year old it's well worth it if it ever does come out for the PC. RDR had one of the best stories in any open world game I have ever played. Right now Rockstar has a lot under their belts with the release of L.A Noire and Max Payne 3 both of which are headed for consoles this year. So maybe Rockstar will take their sweet time in porting this game to the PC.

Red Dead Redemption is definitely one of THE BEST games I have ever played, back when I owned the PS2 I bought a small game lying on a shelf by the name of Red Dead Revolver when I saw the Rockstar Logo on it I thought it was worth a go and boy was I ever right. Many idiots across the internet still call this game a sequel to a HORRIBLE game going by the name of "GUN" which is a joke of a game. Red Dead Revolver didn't get the attention of say Manhunt or GTA but playing that game over and over was definitely well worth the time I spent on my PS2. And when I heard about Red Dead Redemption and played it I was even more excited to see it beat the last one by a huge mile even though the game wasn't a huge hit like GTA or Max Payne.

Source: PCGames

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