This Genius iPhone Accessory Lets You Catch Pokemon In A Snap!

Uzair Ghani

Struggling to catch Pokemon whenever they spawn near you? Well, using a genius accessory compatible with the iPhone, you can, without much fuss.

A Simple Accessory Makes Catching Pokemon Extremely Easy - You Can 3D Print It At Home

Catching Pokemon is no joke as countless people around the world have chosen to demonstrate. You take the time to go out, a Pokemon spawns near your location, you whip out that smartphone and show everyone around you that you mean business. But at times catching Pokemon can become frustrating. After all, at the end of the day swiping on a screen, you require rest and aid to get things back to normal. So, what if we told you that you can catch a Pokemon every single time despite all that wear and tear? Sounds too good to be true right? Because it is, and with the help of a neat iPhone 6 accessory, you can do just that.

Created by Jon Cleaver, the little contraption snaps into place on an iPhone 6, giving you a clear straight area on which you swipe your finger. Basically the idea is to force yourself to swipe in a straight line every single time. This ensures that the PokeBall goes straight rather than curving around on the display. Keep one thing in mind though: you still have to work on how high you need to swipe in order to ensure your PokeBall catches the Pokemon itself.


The only sad part about this accessory is that it's only available for the iPhone 6. So if you have that smartphone in your pocket then you can download the complete plans for it from this link. Just source yourself a 3D printer beforehand though. We're sure you have an outlet nearby that houses one, or a crazy friend or two maybe.

Will we classify this contraption under 'cheating?' Well, to some extent yes. Since it is essentially helping you beat the game.

Wrap Up

With every passing day we're seeing more and more Pokemon GO related stuff. From maps to help you find Pokemon around you to 3D printed accessories such as the one above - the hype is taking a new turn, folks.

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