GeIL Evo X II AMD-Edition: A 16 GB, 3600 MHz Kit Optimized For Ryzen CPUs


GeIL EVO X II AMD-Edition kit which is optimized for Ryzen CPUs offers good specs with speeds of  3600 MHz, RGB LEDs, and a 16GB capacity for just $84.99. These RGB LEDs are compatible with Aura SYNC, RGB Fusion, Mystic Light, and Polychrome SYNC technologies which allow for custom colors and color effects using vendor-specific applications.

The GeIL EVO 16 GB, 3600 MHz Memory Kit Is Tuned For Ryzen CPUs and Costs Just $84.99 US

This RAM is perfect for Ryzen 3000 series processors because of the faster speed being 3600 MHz. The timings are a bit of a downside with a CL18 rating (18-20-20-40) but for the price and features, the GeIL EVO X II is still one great memory to consider if you are building a Ryzen PC.

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These DIMMs are 60mm-tall with RGB lighting on the top and sides. This gives a nice effect since you can see the EVO X label glow with the LEDs too. The RGB lighting can be controlled through all major motherboard manufacturer's RGB lighting controls. The parts of this module that aren't able to light up are covered in gunmetal gray color allowing for the overall design and aesthetics of this case to remain intact.

Some highlighted features of the GeIL EVO X II-AMD edition memory include:

  • Featuring the latest “Cableless RGB Illumination Design”
  • Addressable RGB illumination providing a stunning lighting effect
  • Perfectly supports ASUS AURA lighting control app
  • Supports Gigabyte Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, and ASRock Polychrome on selected motherboards
  • Specifically designed for AMD Ryzen platform providing excellent performance and compatibility

The main feature of the Geil EVO X RAM kit is the performance it offers having both XMP 2.0 support and a premium heat spreader. The XMP 2.0 Profile allows this ram to reach the rated speed of 3600 MHz with the slower RAM timings of 18-20-20-40 while the premium heat spreader provides for more than adequate heat transfer and dispersion, making sure that your RAM will stay cool and operate to its fullest capabilities.

While this RAM costs $84.99, and is not the cheapest but with the overall design and amazing RGB effects on offer makes this a pretty good deal. The only major downside is the timings but they are also easily overclockable and able to maintain the added heat from the overclock due to the high-quality heat spreader.