Geforce GTS 450 Spotted Along with Release date.

Hassan Mujtaba

Nvidia's upcoming GIS 450 graphic card has been revealed and it looks the the new GPU is aiming into the mainstream market segment. The card is also said to be based on the GF 106 Architecture and will be based on a 40Nm Core while having a 128-bit wide memory interface.

The card is said to be priced in the Sub-150$ range as it will be competing with the ATI's mainstream lineup which include HD 5700 Series. The card will have a 1Gb memory on a 128-bit wide memry interface as mentioned above. Along with that there have been reports that there won't be a reference Nvidia board as such, and board partners will be given full lease to design their own PCBs and custom coolers.

The card sounds a bit interesting and seeing how GTX 460 spiced up the market, this mainstream card will also add a bit competition and the card will arrive in late August.


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