[UPDATED] Gears Of War Ultimate Edition PC Patch To Improve Performance Inbound; Allows For Ambient Occlusion Tweaks

Aernout van de Velde

Update 1: The Coalition has updated their initial forum post overnight with consolidating answers to questions from the Gears PC community. The most interesting answers, include answers to VSync, VRAM, borderless fullscreen gaming, and Cross play.

Cross play
We have discussed this (we talk about everything you guys are suggesting). We are going to make sure all game modes are working as expected and roll out the playlist changes and evaluate those. We'll continue to discuss options to improve.

VRAM Issues
The texture changes we've made will help with this. I went into some more detail in the texture streaming thread as well.

Borderless Fullscreen
LegendaryDread had some good questions.
- Increased video requirements: We create our swap chain differently in UWP to manage this. Extra VRAM pressure generally comes from other things you're running on the system and can affect us, this is the same in exclusive full screen.
- Multi GPU: There is no limitation here. We are working on adding mGPU.
- Strictly enforced V-sync: We are working with the platform team on this. https://twitter.com/XboxQwik/status/703734557774774272

We all agree and are working with the platform team on this. The game is capable of much higher framerates than you're seeing if your monitor is limited to 60hz.

Original story: An upcoming patch for Gears of War Ultimate Edition PC will be improving the game's performance, and will allow for ambient occlusion tweaks.

Gears Of War Ultimate Edition PC Patch

Developer The Coalition announced the PC update through their official forums recently. According the game's technical director, the update is scheduled for a release in the upcoming week. These are the key features for the upcoming patch:

Performance optimizations

Refactor of texture settings to better reflect VRAM requirements and to better manage the texture levels for each setting.

Ambient Occlusion tweaks.

Tuned mouse coming out of roadie run.

Disabled mouse smoothing.

Furthermore, the developer will also be releasing some updated, optimized playlists to help with matchmaking.

The Coalition also took some time to answer common questions from the Gears community:

Textures not loading
This will be improved by the update next week. We’ll continue to make improvements here where we can.

NAT problems
We are looking into why this is happening. While we work on discovering the root cause, we are discussing changes we can do to help matchmaking if you are erroneously given the wrong NAT type.

Long Queues
Our playlist change coming early next week should help with this.

21:9 Support
We hear you and we are adding ultra-wide resolutions to the game.

Mouse Acceleration
Our update next week will disable mouse smoothing and increase the responsiveness coming out of roadie run. I’ll continue to read the feedback after the update.

Achievements not unlocking
We’re working on tracking down the reason this would happen.

Other items we are working on:
- Reducing hitches on start of level.
- Reducing hitches when streaming level chunks.
- Reducing audio stutter on older CPU’s.

Gears of War Ultimate was released earlier this month, as the world's first DX12 game. Unfortunately the shooter suffered from some serious visual corruption issues. More about these issues can be read in this post right here and here.

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