Gears Of War 4 New Update To Introduce Win10 Improvements, LAN Crossplay; Future Tweaks Outlined

Francesco De Meo
Gears Of War 4

Yesterday, The Coalition confirmed that new Gears Of War 4 multiplayer maps will be released on both formats next month. A new update introducing support for the new maps as well as plenty of other tweaks and changes will also launch next week.

The Gears Of War 4 November update will introduce several improvements for the Windows 10 version, as well as balance tweaks and a rather interesting LAN crossplay option. Catch the full Gears of War 4 November title update full notes right below.

New Maps

Two new maps will be added to the developer playlist on November 1st for Season Pass owners and will be available in standard rotation and private games on November 8th for everyone.

The Developer Playlist will contain Versus Dodgeball and Arms Race modes for squads up to three large and Horde players on Normal difficulty.
Weapon Tuning Changes
(These changes may occur a few hours after the Title Update hits. We will update people once these go live.)

We have made some changes to the Competitive Lancer and Gnasher. The goal was to try to smooth out the damage falloff to provide a more consistent feel, without sacrificing the skill.


Very short range damage has been slightly reduced.


Very short range damage slightly reduced.

Short range damage slightly increased.

Active damage boost ratio slightly increased to offset damage reduction.

Stopping power completely removed.

Hammerburst body damage has been significantly reduced in Core tuning. Headshot damage has only been slightly reduced to maintain the skill of the weapon.

Body damage significantly reduced.

Headshot damage slightly reduced.

Active reload cooldown increased by 2 seconds.

Fixed an issue where Escalation weapon respawn timers would sometimes not be consistent

All secondary weapons (minus the Longshot) are at 60s respawns.

The Longshot, Shock and Incendiary grenades are at 90s respawns.

All power weapons are at 120s respawns.

Windows 10
**Please make sure to update your Windows OS to Build 14393.222 or later for the game to update. You will not be able to get the update and online games will stop working if this is not done**

Execute and Point of Interest keys can now have the same key binding on Windows 10.

Windows 10 version now displays the version number on main menu.

Users can now rebind Spectator Mode controls on Windows 10.

Abnormalities to the UI on high resolution displays have been addressed.

Mouse and Keyboard users can now switch weapons during countdown at the beginning of the round.

Windows 10 players can now have true offline LAN lobbies.

Average FPS has been now incorporated to the benchmark screen on Windows 10.

Added in game language selection.

Roadie run turn rate on Windows 10 is now a consistent rate instead of reduced when holding the forward key.

Pickup and drop fortifications has been moved to the “Q”/Mark Target key bind instead of “C”/Point of Interest on Windows 10.
Xbox One

Players can now turn on HDR Split-Screen Visualization in the options menu on Xbox One.

HDR calibration has been optimized for Xbox One users.

Xbox One and Windows 10

Team Reviving with players on turrets no longer causes stacking skills in Horde.

At times the gnasher would fire rounds that would not register or expend ammo despite audio and visual FX. This has been addressed.

Ammo crates would sometimes not appear in TacCom in Horde. This has been corrected.

Players who get a kill right after you die in Dodgeball will now be able to count toward a respawn for your team including yourself.

Escalation will now display COG/SWARM DOMINATION when a victory was made from a Domination.

The EMBAR at times could continuously be used in Arms Race after your team has switched to the next weapon. This has been addressed.

Bonus supply crates will now fall in accessible areas even when the Fabricator is placed along walls.

Users will no longer receive objectives in bounties by killing meat shields.

Leader in Guardian will now always be rewarded to the user who killed the prior rounds Leader.

Players should now be able to pick up all power drops in Horde.

Players will no longer appear invisible if they are saved from a Snatcher.

Players can no longer roadie run before countdown.

Bots will be a bit more difficult in Social Versus backfilling

Shock grenades will no longer auto refill after each Horde wave.

Addressed an issue that sometimes allowed for Horde private matches to not start up.

Fixed an issue in which flying enemies could drop power on high ground areas that were inaccessible by the player.

Addressed an issue where players would sometimes not be able to play co-op campaign with another friend.

Removed score from repairing in Horde.

Fixed a few bounties not awarding proper XP values

Fixed an issue where players could push other players out of bounds on Lift.

PC and Xbox One can now play cross play on LAN.

Added Iberian Spanish in-game and cinematic voice over

Future changes coming to Gears of War 4 in future title updates have also been outlined, including Vertical Split Screen and Ultra Wide HUD scaling coming to Windows 10 with the next update and much more.

Gears Pack Feedback 

We are going to have an update on Gears Packs. One large piece of feedback we are looking at including is the removal of duplicate cards appearing in packs that need it. We do plan on keeping them in some packs where they make sense (ie: Horde Booster Packs).

Future Community Holiday Event packs (Gearsmas, etc) will always have a credit path to obtaining them.

We will have more details on this here in the very near future.

Player Penalties 

We are still looking into the player penalty fixes. This did not make it in this Title Update. We are exploring if we can get this without a Title Update. We will keep you posted on this as it is a big focus for us.

Horde Leaderboards 

We will be wiping the Horde leaderboards sometime after TU1 to ensure players can compete for. We will have more news on when this occurs.

Footstep audio 

This is being worked on and should be in the next Title Update.

Competitive/Core Lobbies 

This is a larger update that will take a bit but we still have this planned for a future Title Update.

PC Crossplay Testing in a Special Event Playlist 

We are hoping to conduct a test on this in November. This will be a separate event playlist for people on both platforms to join. We will see what backend telemetry after the weekend and consider what we can do in the future.

Ranks/Horde Icons not appearing in scoreboards 

This is still planned for a future Title Update.

Grenade Spawning Fix 

Another issue we have a fix for in the next Title Update. It didn’t make this round of testing.

Campaign Achievement Issues 

We have a fix for this in Title Update 2. It will require users to complete the same campaign item that they did not complete to trigger it but they can continue from the checkpoints that they have obtained prior to do so.

Some additional Windows 10 features coming 

Vertical Split Screen and Ultra Wide HUD scaling are coming to Windows 10 in the next Title Update.

Patching on Windows 10 is a better experience now. Cyphos will have a post regarding that later this weekend.

Gears of War 4 is now available on PC and Xbox One. The new update will launch on November 1st.

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