Gears of War 4 March Update Takes the Fight to a Diner

Gears Of War 4 update

Another month, another Horde-sized amount of new content. The Coalition dives deep into Gears of War 4 March content update coming later this month.

Every since launch, Gears of War 4 has gotten a ton of post-release updates and this month is no different. Fans should expect to see a new Ranked Lobby System, Gnasher updates, and a couple of new maps.

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Diner is a new map that's been worked on for over 18 months which has been referred to as the 'most refined tactical experiences' on a Gears Map. The Diner itself offers up some intense close quarters combat with the parking lot catering to range gunfights.

Old Town is the return of the classic Gears of War 3 map with a snowy facelift. Expect the same three lanes of combat on the low to high elevations.

The maps are available now for Season Pass Holders in the Developers Playlist. Everyone else can fight on these maps on March 14th.

The Coalition has addressed some concerns about the Gnasher not being effective at close-range:

Over the past few months, we received numerous reports and videos from users regarding some point-blank inconsistencies with the Gnasher across all game modes. We dived in to investigate, and our findings have led us to making some mechanical changes to the Gnasher that improves its close-range consistency.

There's going to be another Legacy Character and Monthly Events coming in the March Update along with new character and weapon skins. This month's Event starts on March 24th with a versus themed weekend and a Horde-themed even coming the weekend after that. It was hinted that fans of Versus Snipers will enjoy this month's events.

Lastly, Ranked Lobbies are coming for Core and Competitive playlists. The highly requested feature finally place players into a pre-game lobby. If anyone drops it will quit the countdown and search for more players.

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Gears of War 4 is out now on Xbox One and Windows 10. Check our review in case you haven't already.

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