Gears Of War 4 New Gameplay Video Showcases All Beta Executions


The Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta has begun earlier this week, and several lucky players are finally able to try out the multiplayer experience of the game developed by The Coalition. As time passes, players are discovering more of the content included in the beta, and a new video that's been shared recently showcases some of the more gruesome content of the Gears Of War 4 multiplayer beta.

Gears Of War 4

The new Gears Of War 4 gameplay video showcases all the Executions included in the beta. As the beta is not representative of the game's final quality, we should expect some of these Executions to be even more brutal in the final game. You can check out the new video right below.

Right before the beginning of the beta, an in-depth analysis of the Gears Of War 4 multiplayer beta has been put together by a dedicated fan, who has shared it on the game's official forums. As all Xbox Live Gold members will eventually gain access to the multiplayer beta, the in-depth analysis is a very good read for those who aren't able to play it yet, but plan to in the next few days.

Earlier this week, it's also been confirmed that the Gears Of War 4 multiplayer beta client received a new title update. A few hours after the update went live, The Coaltion's Rod Fergusson confirmed that the update only included connectivity improvements.

Last week, more details on Gears Of War 4 have emerged online during a recent livestream. According to what has been said during the livestream, Gears Of War 4 will include plenty of new mechanics such as Wall Cancel cooldown and Active Reload cooldown, weapons that are not available in the beta, the skill system and more. The Ranking system, which should improve matchmaking, has also been revealed.

Gears Of War 4 will launch later this year on Xbox One in all regions. The game's multiplayer beta is now available for players who have received codes, with the beta opening up for all players next week. The beta will officially be over on May 1st.