Gears of War Getting a Netflix Film and Animated Series, The Coalition Involved in Production

Nathan Birch
Gears of War

Get ready for some big, beefy, alien-bug-filled streaming entertainment, because it's being reported that the Gears of War franchise (or simply “Gears” as its been known for a while in the gaming sphere) is coming to Netflix.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has big plans for the Microsoft-owned shooter series, as the goal is to start with a live-action feature film, and then follow that up with a mature animated series and perhaps other spin-offs and adaptations should audiences be interested. Word is, there have been months of negotiations between Netflix and The Coalition, and the Canadian developer will be full partners in whatever steaming spinoffs are produced. The Coalition has a lot to keep themselves busy right now, as they’re working on a new entry in the Gears franchise, a smaller side-project, and providing technical assistance for a lot of other Xbox projects.

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There have been various attempts to get a Gears of War adaptation off the ground over the years, but they never made it past the planning or scriptwriting stages. Hopefully, something actually makes it to screen this time, although Gears seems like it would be difficult to adapt. While there’s certainly some depth to the Gears universe, most of the games have relatively straightforward plots. You’re also going to have to spend a lot of money to get all the big guns, armor, and aliens on screen.

The most recent entry in the series, Gears 5, was one of the best entries in the series according to Wccftech’s Davey Aubrey

“Gears 5 is excellent, albeit with some major narrative issues. While the finale of the campaign definitely left a sour taste in my mouth, the game was so good that I want to keep playing the Horde and multiplayer modes just to get more Gears 5. This is the best Gears game in years, with an excellent multiplayer suite to back it up.”

What do you think? Could Gears of War make a successful jump to the realm of movies and TV? Or will the video game adaptation curse strike again?

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