Garmin Introduces the Instinct Crossover Series of Smartwatches

Furqan Shahid
Garmin Introduces the Instinct Crossover Series of Smartwatches

In a world of Apple Watch, Pixel Watch, and Galaxy Watches, Garmin is a name that has managed to stand out for being different. Unlike the aforementioned smartwatches, Garmin watches are focused on being rugged with incredible battery life and materials that can withstand, well, pretty much everything. The new Garmin Instinct Crossover series does take the name from the world of cars, but under the hood, these watches are beastly when you compare them to other smartwatches in the market.

The Garmin Instinct Crossover Series of Smartwatches is the Mother of All Smartwatches

Garmin has always prided itself on being one of the most rugged in terms of overall durability, and this does not change with the Garmin Instinct Crossover family. The new smartwatches are built to withstand almost all the tough situations that you are going to put them in. You are getting military standards certifications, and water resistance of 100 meters or 10ATM. Needless to say, for a smartwatch, this ruggedness is more than enough, and while it might not impress hardcore watch enthusiasts, for a literal computer on your wrist, it is still impressive. Take the latest Rolex Deep Sea, for example, a titanium watch that can go all the way to 11,000 meters in water. Impressive, but insane.

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In addition to that, the latest Garmin Instinct Crossover family of devices also comes with something that Garmin is calling RevoDrive Technology. It basically auto-calibrates the smartwatches to show the precise time in case of significant impact during an adventure.

The new Garmin Instinct Crossover watches also feature RevoDrive technology; a feature that you can use to auto-calibrate your watch so it always shows the accurate time even if it goes through an impact during your expedition out in the wilderness.

As mentioned before, you are getting three variants of the Garmin Instinct Crossover family. There is the solar-powered version with what Garmin is calling "infinite battery life" when you are using battery-saver mode.

Despite that, even if you wish to fully use your Garmin Instinct Crossover, you will still get amazing battery life as the solar variant will deliver up to 70 days of battery in smartwatch mode. Meanwhile, the base model offers nearly a month of battery life in smartwatch mode and 110 hours in GPS mode.

The series also comes with a Garmin instinct Crossover Tactical Edition with some rather strange and intriguing set of features such as dual format GPS, kill switch, support for night vision, and more. Of course, for the tactical edition, you will have to spend a lot more money.

Aside from boasting an impressive battery life or industry-standard battery life, the Garmin Instinct Crossover series also comes packed with features that Garmin watches are known for. Features include sleep score, advanced sleep monitoring, stress monitoring, heart rate, VO2 Max, Pulse oximetry, and more. You will also get access to Garmin Pay on all the models, allowing you to pay for things at select stores using NFC.

The standard edition retails for $499, for solar, you are paying $549, and for tactical, you will have to pay $599. You can get all the information you want by going here.

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