First Gameplay Video of Aliens: Colonial Marines Surfaces


Aliens: Colonial Marines is a game which is again slipping under many peoples radar because of the lack of advertising and attention this game is getting, just because this isn't the next Assassins Creed or Call of Duty it is a shame that this game will probably be missed out on again. The game has been under development for quite some time now and the new gameplay video shows segments of the game from the beginning and even the middle of the game too so if you are one for story then I highly recommend you get ready for spoilers if you have a good memory.

The new gameplay shows us the game through the eyes of a soldier named "Winters" and how like every other Aliens game and movie he loses members of his team one by one. At one point there is a prompt on the screen to either press L3 or LS (Left Stick) which means that this is probably console footage we are seeing and if so then this is some very good footage for the console version, The game plays out more like Call of Duty where there are constant explosions and dialogue between the players but the one thing which I am concerned about is why Winters is not running, an FPS without the run option is disappointing but maybe the gameplay didn't show so that we don't miss any of the good stuff.

Source de la vidéo : Bande-annonce #6 - (VOST - FR) Toutes les vidéos de Aliens : Colonial Marine

Source de la vidéo : Gameplay #3 - Un peu de multijoueur Toutes les vidéos de Aliens : Colonial Marines

As you can see the game is graphically AMAZING and if these ARE indeed the console version graphics then I can't wait to see what the PC version looks like. I am eagerly looking forward to more footage as it comes and hopefully more details on the game itself.