Galaxy Z Fold 3 Gets Disassembled and Scores Poorly


It has only been a week since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and some other really cool devices. While we are still waiting for Samsung to ship the phone to customers worldwide, the phone has already gone through an extensive teardown, and you can watch it happen in a detailed but scary video.

The disassembly is done by folks over at PBK Reviews, as they have decided to take apart the Galaxy Z Fold to see what the phone is actually made up of and whether you are going to be able to repair the phone on your own. The good news here is that the video shows the entire disassembly and assembly process, but it is essential to know that we do not condone opening a $1,800 phone on your own unless you have got a death wish.

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Galaxy Z Fold 3 Teardown Shows How You Should Never Try to Open This Phone on Your Own

The video is 11 minutes long, and you can start by removing the nano-SIM card tray first. You will obviously need to apply some heat to remove the glass back of the phone. You can start watching the video below and be thankful that you will not find yourself in this position.

The video shows just how complicated the process of taking apart the phone is. I can only imagine the anxiety that comes with it, especially when you have to be careful that you do not, under any circumstances, want to lose the screws of the phone.

Similar to all the folding phones, you can see that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 also comes with dual batteries; 2,280 mAh and 2,120 mAh, which totals 4,400 mAh (typical). The main PCB of the phone has a multi-layer design and comes with three rear cameras, the Snapdragon 888 chip, 12 gigs of RAM, and a choice between 256 or 512 gigs of internal storage. Everything is nicely covered and guarded. Showing that Samsung has paid attention to detail.

Despite the video making it look like a piece of cake, the actual repairability score for this phone is just 2/10. This is because there is a lot of adhesive and glue involved in the process, and only an expert should put their hands on the Galaxy Z Fold 3.