Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra to Feature Large Notebook-Sized Display, 5-Figure Battery, According to Tipster

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra to Feature Large Notebook-Sized Display, 5-Figure Battery Capacity, According to Tipster

Samsung could be making the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra larger than life to the point where people could start mistaking it for an actual notebook computer. According to one tipster, that display size increase will also be accompanied by a hefty battery upgrade.

Samsung Could Be Aiming for a Massive 14.6-inch Display With the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Launch

Fresh specifications provided by Ice Universe talk about the 14.6-inch display of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. In purely display sizes, this would be Samsung’s biggest flagship tablet to date and would be larger than the 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro. The overall footprint could be reduced by aiming for slimmer bezels, but even then, using a near-15-inch display for a tablet sounds like overkill.

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Then comes the resolution, which the tipster says will measure 2960 x 1848 pixels. If you are confused when reading the numbers, that resolution does not enter the 4K territory, and that would be the best decision since it is pointless to have a UHD screen on a portable device like this that needs to remain away from wall power for hours and hours. We continue to see manufacturers push 4K displays on 15.6-inch notebooks, and we always conclude that it is a waste since a negligible number of users would actually find a use for it.

As for the battery, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra could sport an absolutely ridiculous 11,500mAh battery, likely intending the tablet to run all day without requiring to be plugged in. However, every user will have a different mileage, and depending on your usage, not to mention toggling certain features like adaptive refresh rate and 5G connectivity, will chew through battery life like it was nothing.

It is unclear whether Samsung aims to use its Exynos 2200 or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 898 for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. According to various tipsters on Twitter, the Exynos 2200 is said to be reserved for this model, but we would not be surprised Snapdragon 898 variants available in other markets. Also, do not expect something this large and premium to come cheap as Samsung clearly intends the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra to take on Apple’s iPad Pro line of tablets.

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News Source: Ice Universe

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