Galaxy Tab S3 Images Leak Reveal a Premium Finish – High-Quality Slate Incoming at MWC 2017


Galaxy Tab S3 has been rumored to feature a large price tag and for its specifications, it seems like the right approach that Samsung is taking. However, the latest images show the real reason why you could be paying a premium for the upcoming tablet.

Galaxy Tab S3 Pictured Now Shows a Metal and Glass Build Similar to the Company’s High-End Smartphone Lineup

The metal and glass finish that Samsung’s premium smartphone lineup is given praise for might also find their way to the Galaxy Tab S3, assuming these leaked images are the real deal. The tablet has been leaked via Taiwan’s National Communication Propagation Committee (via blogofmobile) where the tablet was submitted for regulatory approval. The model name of the tablet is SM-T820 and the Wi-Fi-only model has been certified for sale in Taiwan, receiving the certification number CCAH17LP0380T2.

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While now we know all those details and get them out of the way, here is something else that you should know after purchasing the slate; refrain from dropping it and attach a durable cover around it that protects the glass, display and camera lens. This is because from we can figure out from these images, the premium finish of the Galaxy Tab S3 will also make the tablet a fingerprint magnet and susceptible to heavy damage if you accidentally drop it. Though the glass means that the tablet is going to be scratch-resistant to a certain level, the metal finish could mean that the slate might have a non-removable battery.

A while back, we reported that the Galaxy Tab S3 will come with a large degree of functionality courtesy of leaked manual slides. These slides show that the product features an opening which users can attach the slate to a keyboard accessory. Additionally, there’s also an S Pen accessory that will be accompanied with the Tab S3 and is expected to provide even more functionality to the user. Samsung will be making an appearance at the MWC 2017 trade show so let us see how the final product looks like in person.

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