Galaxy Tab 2 7 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 get Android 4.1 Update – US Variants


US variants of Galaxy Tab 2 7 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 get Android 4.1 Update – the impending Jelly Bean update. The Android 4.1  update for Galaxy Tab 2 7 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is available over-the-air (OTA) and improves performances of the tablets.

Android 4.1 update also some amazing features like expandable and actionable notifications, resizable widgets, Google Now and lots more. The update also includes Project Butter and many improvements to TouchWiz.

Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, is the fastest and smoothest version of Android yet. Jelly Bean improves on the simplicity and beauty of Android 4.0, and introduces a new Google search experience on Android.

  • Everything in Jelly Bean feels fast, fluid, and smooth. Moving between home screens and switching between apps is effortless, like turning pages in a book.
  • Jelly Bean features improved performance throughout the system, including faster orientation changes, faster responses when switching between recent apps, and smoother and more consistent rendering across the system through vsync and triple buffering.
  • Jelly Bean has more reactive and uniform touch responses, and makes your device even more responsive by boosting your device's CPU instantly when you touch the screen, and turns it down when you don't need it to improve battery life.
  • With Jelly Bean, blind users can use 'Gesture Mode' to reliably navigate the UI using touch and swipe gestures in combination with speech output.
  • Browser has improved performance, CPU and memory efficiency. With better performance for animations and HTML5 canvases and an updated JavaScript Engine (V8), pages load faster and feel smoother.

If you did not get any notification then you can try to force the update by going to your tablet’s Settings menu and check for updates there. Follow the Settings > About Tablet > check for update route. Be aware that this is a major update, so you will need to have your tablet’s battery charged to at least 50% or more. The data would be in a few hundred megabytes. Finally US Fandroiders of Galaxy Tab 2 7 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 get Android 4.1 Update too – a must to have mega update!