Galaxy S8 Sales Help Increase Samsung’s Average Smartphone Sales Price

Omar Sohail
Galaxy S8 increase average phone sales price

Exceeding the 20 million sales figure for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ has definitely boosted the ego of the largest Android smartphone giant and with the Galaxy Note 8 getting announced this month, Samsung’s executive will probably see huge bonuses this year. If those sales figures were not sufficient to bring a smile to Samsung’s investors, then perhaps the latest report detailing the increase of the company’s average smartphones sales price will.

According to the Latest Data, Samsung’s Average Smartphone Sales Price Was the Highest Figure Over the Past Three Years Thanks to Galaxy S8 Sales

Data compiled by Strategy Analytics (via Yonhap) states that the average selling price of Samsung’s smartphones has risen to $235, making it highest ever in three years. In 2013, the average sales price was at its peak, hovering at an average of $289. However, a series of mistakes by the company saw the average drop down to $232 last year. This shows that the premium pricing of both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ coupled with their huge design change was a winning formula.

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This formula is expected to be repeated with the imminent launch of the Galaxy Note 8 and a rumor claims that the starting price of the flagship phablet is going to be EUR 1,000. It is possible that the price in the U.S. could be slightly less but if consumers will be paying a huge premium for the 6.3-inch Note 8, then we should expect the average smartphone sales price to rise even higher.

Samsung is also working to release the company’s first handset with a flexible OLED display called Galaxy X and while we have heard numerous tales defining the unique design of the device, we do not believe that it is going to be released this year. Still, for 2018, we feel that the new kid on the block will also help to boost Samsung’s average smartphone sales price, irrespective of the fact that it will be released in limited numbers.

What other factors do you think can be responsible for increasing the average sales price of the company’s phone lineup? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Yonhap

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