Galaxy S7: Looks Like There Are Going To Be A Total Of Four Models For Sale


For fans waiting for Galaxy S7 to come out, according to the latest leak, it looks like Samsung has an ace up its sleeve as far as its upcoming flagship smartphone is concerned.


Looks Like There Are Going To Be A Total Of Four Galaxy S7 Models That Are Going To Be Released In The Distant Future

According to a source, Galaxy S7 is going to be available in the following models:

  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S7 Edge Plus
  • Galaxy S7 Plus

That being said, there are effectively going to be eight models being rolled out since half the number of units are going to be running an Exynos 8890 SoC, while the remainder of the units are going to be running Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820, which has been manufactured on Samsung’s newest 14nm FinFET process. It will be a very interesting launch event, since this is possibly the first time we are seeing that the company is going to be rolling out four different models in a single announcement period. The ‘Plus’ versions of the smartphone are expected to sport a screen size of 6 inches, according to the dimensions used by third party case manufacturers.

Samsung Exynos!!!!!

It looks like we will finally get to see the return of the MicroSD card slot, which was a critical feature that was sorely missing from all of the high-end smartphones that Samsung announced in 2015. Hopefully, the South Korean tech giant would have more sense to cater to the masses instead of looking out for its own pocket. One huge performance difference in our opinion would be to greatly modify its TouchWiz interface.

The interface has been severely criticized of chewing up a significant portion of core system resources such as processor speed and RAM, and while Samsung has done well in the hardware department, the tech firm still needs to prove itself extensively in the software department. Apple knew this all along; hardware can never do well without software, which is why the California based tech giant used all of its resources to create an optimized mobile and desktop platform.


If Samsung can mildly improve its interface, it will finally be able to see an influx of sales that the company saw when it released devices like Galaxy S3 and S4. Galaxy S7 is also expected to feature the same camera sensor tech as Sony’s Xperia Z5 lineup so in addition of delivering raw performance, the handset is most likely going to make its mark in the smartphone photography section as well. Let us hope that the company awes us with the something completely new. What are your thoughts on the upcoming flagship smartphone? Let us know your thoughts.