Galaxy S7 Rumored To Sport The Same Camera Sensor As Sony’s Xperia Z5 Series


Sony’s Xperia Z5 Premium, Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Compact are impressively designed smartphones, with one feature that tops all of its competitors being that it features the company’s latest 23MP camera sensor. Now, it looks like Galaxy S7 is going to be able to produce the same image quality as these handsets thanks to the latest rumor.

Galaxy S7 Rumored To Be Incorporated With The Same Camera Sensor As The Ones Present In The Xperia Z5 Family – Get The Latest Details Here

According to a source, Galaxy S7 is going to be running a Sony Exmor IMX300 camera sensor at the rear side of its chassis, meaning that there is a slight possibility that the maximum image resolution of the sensor is going to be 23MP. However, at the same time, it has been rumored that the upcoming flagship smartphone’s rear camera sensor is going to be a 20MP rear shooter, so Samsung will be looking to tweak it in such a manner that the maximum image capturing resolution remains limited to 20MP.

This is probably because Samsung will obviously not be able to advertise two different camera sensor models when the company’s executives go on stage to present the device. However, we do believe that the upcoming sensor will possess all the improvements present in Exmor IMX300. Starting off, the camera sensor is able to autofocus on a subject in just 0.03 seconds, along with a 5x zoom functionality that will help to capture objects from a very far distance.

Moreover, it also has a 24mm wide-angle lens that will allow more detail to be present on the captured image. If such features are present in Galaxy S7, then apart from its impressive firepower, future handset owners will have a blast taking breathtaking images. According to our previous reports, the upcoming handset is going to be incorporated with an Exynos 8890, which has been codenamed Mongoose M1, performed very impressively in leaked Geekbench scores, which shows that Exynos 7420 will no longer be the fastest chipset in Android smartphones any longer.

Additionally, Galaxy S7 is also said to be released in a Snapdragon 820 variant, but we are going to have to see what kind of performance we get from the handset when it makes its way to the public during 2016. Are you guys looking forward to the official announcement of the smartphone? Let us know your thoughts.