Galaxy S7 Rumored To Sport Alloy Chassis – Is Samsung Copying Apple’s Newly Announced Smartphones?

Omar Sohail

After the announcement of Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, it is possible that Samsung could be replicating the chassis of the Cupertino tech giant’s newly announced smartphones and incorporate it in to its upcoming Galaxy S7.

Galaxy S7 Has Been Rumored To Sport An Alloy Body – Could Samsung End Up Copying The Idea Of Apple After All?

While all this time, it is being speculated that Galaxy S7 will be sporting a Snapdragon 820 model and an Exynos M1 version, there have been no details regarding the appearance of the smartphone until now. According to a source, Galaxy S7 could be sporting a much more robust body, which translates in to the smartphone featuring a magnesium alloy chassis or unibody. Despite the fact that Apple used 7000 series aluminum for both its iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, we cannot help but notice that Samsung is going to replicate the company’s idea while attempting to release a smartphone who’s aesthetics matches that of the Galaxy S6 family.

Just so you know, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have been built out of high-strength 6013 aluminum, which is an extremely durable material which is also used in the construction of automobiles and mountain bikes. However, this time, the South Korean smartphone giant will be attempting to raise the bar and try to make Galaxy S7 even more durable than its predecessors. However, using a magnesium alloy chassis will mean that the company cannot not have a glass back panel, but will comprise up of internal components in a single block of CNC machined metal.

Since these are just fresh rumors, we will be waiting for more leaks to come through before we can reach a concrete conclusion. Coming to the alleged performance numbers of Galaxy S7, a leaked benchmarking report suggests that the device is going to be faster than Galaxy Note 5, which was obviously expected. Additionally, it is also rumored that the smartphone is going to sport a dual-camera setup, with the primary one being a 20.7MP shooter and most likely a Sony Exmor IMX300.

At this current point, we will be treating all rumors with a grain of salt, but seeing as how things are looking for Samsung, the company is going to have to think of something that will allow the firm to release an impressive device, because even with the release of Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Samsung needs more than miracle to save it.


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