Galaxy S7 Benchmarking Leaks Show Very Impressive Performance; Exceeds Galaxy Note 5 As Expected


Galaxy S7, Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone is undoubtedly going to surpass Galaxy Note 5 is both performance and efficiency, but by how much? According to the leaked benchmarking tests, the upcoming handset might not show how efficient it is, but it still shows that it is able to deliver substantial amounts of performance.


Galaxy S7 Specifications Leaked Along With Benchmark Results – See All The Details Right Here 

According to a source, the Galaxy S7 version that was taken for a benchmarking run was a Snapdragon 820 variant. We expect that in addition to this version, the South Korean tech giant is also going to release a Mongoose chipset variant of the device, which is also being referred to as Exynos 7430 Hero. Coming back to the benchmarking results of Galaxy S7, they are nothing short of impressive, which you will see after we have gone through all the hardware specifications of the handset.

Starting off, Galaxy S7 features a Snapdragon 820, which has been processed under Samsung’s 14nm FinFET architecture. With a small lithographic architecture, we are confident that Qualcomm will easily be able to avoid the overheating saga that thousands of users went through with their mobile products that were running Snapdragon 810. In addition, the device will also have 4GB of RAM, which is the same amount of present in Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Hopefully this time, Samsung will finally incorporate a MicroSD card slot, even though the details only state that the smartphone features 64GB of internal storage. In order to avoid severe criticism from the public, along with reduced smartphone sales, Samsung is going to have to bring back this feature. Another detail that caught our attention was that the smartphone features a 16MP rear camera sensor. The sensor has a maximum image capturing resolution as Galaxy Note 5, which is rather disappointing, since we were hoping for a slight upgrade in this segment.

However, the company has managed to use a 5.7 inch screen for its upcoming device; one that will be resonating a resolution of 1440p. Once again, this is not the right approach for Samsung, as it will deplete battery life much quickly than displays that give off a 1080p resolution. Let us hope that Samsung is able to place a bigger battery capacity this time, because a 3,000mAh cell present in both Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus was a huge disappointment.

Here are the scores for your valuation purposes:

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