Galaxy S7 Images Leak Shows Dissembled Device With All Internals Included


Customers who have been patiently waiting to get their hands on a Galaxy S7 will finally know that they can expect from the device in terms of both the internal components and the chassis that it will sport once it finally gets official announced. Here are all the factory images of the upcoming flagship smartphone from Samsung.


Galaxy S7 Factory Images Leaked – See Every Single Component Right Before Your Eyes

While the original post from Chinese micro-blogging website Weibo had been removed immediately, Slashgear was able to get a hold of the images and you can see the kind of hardware that is going to be present inside the upcoming handset. Looks like Samsung is going to adopt the same metallic design like it did with its previous flagship smartphone lineup and surprisingly, the battery capacity is looking to be much larger, meaning that we will finally get to see a larger cell present in the high-end device.


Combine that with either a Snapdragon 820 or Samsung’s own Exynos 8890 SoC, and you will have one of the most efficient devices to be rolled out by the company. Also, thanks to the improved 14nm FinFET LPP architecture, you can expect even better efficiency from the handset. However, as much as we are hoping to see the performance of the flagship smartphone, we cannot quite make out which version of Galaxy S7 can currently be seen in the images. As we reported earlier, Galaxy S7 was not going to be coming out in two models, but a total of four models, showing that Samsung wants to put extra emphasis on its high-end category of devices (for God knows what reason).


Additionally, there have been rumors that these devices will also see the return of the MicroSD card slot, though we cannot tell from the images if there is going to be an expandable storage slot or not. Looks like we are going to find out in the future. As for the software, let us hope that Samsung has finally learnt its lesson of incorporating a RAM hungry interface and will be making strides in ensuring that its flagship offering provides a much more resource friendly interface to millions of users out there.


We will continue to update you on all the aspects of Galaxy S7, so you guys should stay tuned for more updates. What did you guys think of the latest images? Let us know your thoughts right away.