Galaxy S23 Ultra Tested With 8K 30FPS, 4K 60FPS Video Samples, Audio Quality And Color Range Get Improvements

Omar Sohail
Galaxy S23 Ultra
An image showing the Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has yet to be announced on February 1, and already we are getting sneak previews of how its camera will perform, both in still imaging and video capture. With the latest flagship, Samsung takes video recording support up to 8K 30FPS, along with an option to store 4K 60FPS clips. Samples captured on both resolutions and framerates have arrived, so take a look here at the improvements made.

Update - Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Edwards Urbina deleted both video samples captured on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It is possible Samsung Mobile approached him privately and gave him a stern warning, but his image samples are still available on this Twitter profile.

Even with Twitter’s compression algorithm degrading the video quality, you can see that the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s capability on the level of captured detail has improved

It is possible that before Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked kicks off, Edwards Urbina would have provided an entire suite of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s imaging capabilities. Earlier, he provided Night Shot comparisons, which we were impressed with, and now, he has shown video samples captured in the 8K 30FPS and 4K 60FPS options. Unfortunately, with Twitter’s compression algorithm kicking in, it is difficult to judge the quality properly, but we can comment that there are improvements regardless.

For instance, clips recorded from both resolutions appear much smoother than what was captured by the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The colors look better, and there is a lot more clarity in the audio, hinting that Samsung may have improved the microphone quality and positioning on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The 4K 60FPS option also looks above average when viewed on Twitter, and there is adequate stabilization on both resolutions.

Video samples captured on the Galaxy S23 Ultra (the actual tweets have been deleted, unfortunately)

However, we do not know if these videos were captured on pre-production software or if Samsung intends to roll out a software update for the Galaxy S23 Ultra that might further improve the video-capturing capabilities of the upcoming flagship. In any case, we will recommend our readers treat both samples as a starting point if they are seriously considering upgrading to the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Video samples captured on the Galaxy S23 Ultra (the actual tweets have been deleted, unfortunately)

If these 8K 30FPS and 4K 60FPS video samples have impressed you, and if you have thought about picking up the Galaxy S23 Ultra when it officially launches, you can reserve it through Samsung’s website and get $50 in credit without any strings attached. If you reserve both a Galaxy phone and Galaxy Book, you get $100 in free credit, making it a better deal.

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