Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP Main Camera To Get Significantly Improved Night Shot Capabilites, As Shown In The Latest Samples

Omar Sohail
Galaxy S23 Ultra
Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra in various colors

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked is less than 10 days away, so you can expect a drove of leaks to be headed your way, particularly those surrounding the top-tier model, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Previously, we reported on the impressive zoom capabilities of the primary 200MP sensor, as a 12x zoomed sample managed to hold a ton of detail. Now, we get to show you how the handset’s low-light images look, and we have to say that Samsung is finally serious about matching or even beating the competition.

New comparison captures images with Night Mode disabled and enabled to show the improvements on the Galaxy S23 Ultra

We came across a total of six camera samples courtesy of Edwards Urbina, who allegedly got his hands on the Galaxy S23 Ultra before Samsung’s official announcement. The flagship might be running on pre-released software, so it is important to note that the commercial units available for customers may capture and process images differently.

Galaxy S23 Ultra night shot sample
Galaxy S23 Ultra night shot sample

Regardless, Edwards Urbina’s samples in this tweet first include an image seemingly taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Night Shot disabled. The following image is with the Night Shot enabled, and you can see a stark difference. Even with the Night Shot feature disabled, the Galaxy S23 Ultra can capture a decent image, which pretty much means that Samsung was tired of playing catch-up and was serious about matching or beating the competition.

However, before readers get excited over the Galaxy S23 Ultra, they should be informed that there are still many factors to consider concerning these samples. These images have not been compared to the competition yet, particularly the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, so a direct opinion cannot be formed. Secondly, it is unclear how long it takes to process the Night Shot since the computational techniques require the user to stay extremely still, otherwise the final result will come out extremely blurry.

We do not know how long it will take for users to wait for the processed image, and if they have to wait an excruciatingly long period, then the whole purpose of having a Night Shot feature will be nullified. Other than that, as a first impression, we do see some improvements in image quality, irrespective of Twitter’s image compression algorithm kicking in and absolutely shattering the quality.

If these image samples impress you, and if you have thought about upgrading to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can reserve it through Samsung’s website and get $50 in credit without any strings attached. If you reserve both a Galaxy phone and Galaxy Book, you get $100 in free credit, which is an even sweeter deal.

News Source: Edwards Urbina

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