Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Sample On Flagship’s 200MP HP2 Sensor With 12x Zoom Gets Shared By Tipster

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Galaxy S23 Ultra
This is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in Burgundy Red

There are less than two weeks remaining for the Galaxy S23 Ultra to be announced on February 1, and previously, Samsung has already found marketing its high-megapixel and low-light capabilities. In short, with its 200MP HP2 sensor, the company wants consumers to believe that more megapixels will always bring an advantage. One camera sample captured from the very same sensor was shared by a tipster, and it manages to hold a ton of detail, even at 12x zoom.

New Galaxy S23 Ultra camera sample features fewer amounts of processing, so it holds its natural detail a lot more compared to Samsung’s other sensors, claims tipster

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is apparently in the hands of Ice Universe, who is likely taking the flagship through its paces and will provide his feedback after the official announcement. According to him, the camera sample uploaded to Twitter was captured by a 200MP sensor and zoomed to 12x. Even with Twitter’s image compression algorithm in play, the sample is able to hold a ton of detail, which may indicate that Samsung made significant improvements to the ISOCELL HP2 sensor.

Not just this, but Ice Universe states that Samsung’s new 200MP HP2 sensor captures images that look completely different from the images captured by the HP1, HP3, and HM1, HM3. Unfortunately, the tipster does not share any comparison samples with us, so without much to go on, we cannot take his word right off the bat. He does mention in the Twitter thread that there is little evidence that the zoomed camera sample is significantly sharpened, meaning that the image appears natural.

Ice Universe allegedly captured this image with the Galaxy S23 Ultra's main 200MP camera

However, we do not know if the Galaxy S23 Ultra in Ice Universe’s hand used to capture the sample image was a pre-production one or a commercial unit. With commercial units, Samsung can roll out a software update that can change the way the main rear camera processes the final image. In short, there are a lot of variables in play that we have not considered, and the only way to make an impartial opinion is to see this sample or any other compared with other devices, including the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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News Source: Ice Universe

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