Galaxy S22 Sporting Snapdragon 895 Shows Up on Geekbench

Galaxy S22 Sporting Snapdragon 895 Shows Up on Geekbench

The rumors surrounding the upcoming Galaxy S22 do not seem to stop. The phone has gotten benchmarked again, and this time around, we are looking at the Qualcomm variant. This is not the first time, as the Exynos variant already made rounds last week.

The vanilla Galaxy S22 version showed up on Geekbench, sporting a Snapdragon 895 chipset along with 8 gigs of RAM. The chipset offers one core at 3.0GHz, three cores at 2.5GHz, and four energy-efficient cores at 1.79GHz. The device, of course, runs on Android 12, which is evident at this point.

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Sadly, the Galaxy S22 equipped with Snapdragon 895 performed horribly in the Geekbench test run, and this goes for both the single-core and multi-core. However, there are some explanations behind that.

Galaxy S22 with Snapdragon 895 Shows Poor Scores, But This is Not the Full Story

For starters, the benchmark could be a fake altogether. We have seen this happening in the past, as well. Secondly, we are still waiting for the Snapdragon 895 to be officially announced, and for all we know, this could very well be a sample.

Not to forget, phone manufacturers optimize both hardware and software fronts before the phones are ready for launch. So, it is another possibility that the chipset and the software itself are not optimized at the moment.

There are countless possibilities as to why the scores are so low, and we do not have enough answers at this point. We know that the Galaxy S22 series could very well debut at the end of this year. If Samsung does this, it would not please many Galaxy S21 owners as the phones were released in January, and having your phone not complete the release cycle is never something users want to go through.

Whatever the case might be, we will hear about many leaks in the future, so stay tuned.

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