Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus Screens Are Not as Great as Samsung Claimed


It has been less than a week since Samsung announced the Galaxy S22 series and as expected, all three phones do support a 120Hz refresh rate, however, the displays are not as similar as you may have expected. At the time of the announcement, Samsung announced that the Galaxy S22 Ultra can go as low as 1Hz and all the way up to 120Hz when it is needed while the S22 and S22 Plus screens would go as low as 10Hz and then back up to 120Hz.

This is done to ensure that there is battery saving. Samsung has decided to change that because they have recently updated the Galaxy S22 and the plus variant's screen specs and mentioned how they can only go from 48Hz and 120Hz. If you head over to the product page, you will see how Samsung has changed this information.

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Samsung Decides to Go Back on Their Statement About the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus Refresh Rates

Varying refresh rate is nothing new. Many phones do offer this feature that helps in saving the overall battery. The lower refresh rate is obviously more efficient. However, the S22 and the plus variant are only going to go as low as 48Hz, which is not much when you compare it to the 60Hz which has become a standard at this point.

Although the difference might not be much, the base Galaxy S22 could really have benefitted from 10Hz being the lowest refresh rate considering how it only has a 3,700 mAh battery and that is not a good deal, especially when you are looking at a 5G powered device with flagship specs under the hood, as well.

However, it is too early to say how the Galaxy S22's battery is going to perform since we are still waiting for the reviews to go live, and well.

Do you think Samsung should have stuck with a 10Hz refresh rate or it would not have made a big impact on the battery life? Let us know your thoughts.