Galaxy S21 Is the Worst-Performing Galaxy S Series From Samsung so Far for the First Six Months


Despite the Galaxy S21 having a terrific start after going on sale at the start of the year, the six-month sales result is not looking too good for Samsung. In fact, according to the latest shipments stats, the latest flagship lineup is the worst-performing launch from the company, and it will take other smartphone releases to offset this setback.

Galaxy S21 Sales for the Six-Month Period Are 20 Percent Lower Than the Previous-Generation Galaxy S20

Kiwoom Securities estimates place the Galaxy S21 shipments for the first six months at 13.5 million units. That figure is lower than the same six-month shipments result of the Galaxy S20, which garnered 16.4 million units. The Galaxy S10 series, which introduced a massive redesign coupled with upgrades, outshines Samsung’s successive launches with 37 million shipments.

Apple’s iPhone 13 Was the Best Selling Smartphone in Q1, 2022, No Samsung Flagship Made It in the Top Five

The Galaxy S20 range was criticized for being overly expensive. If you recall, even the base model launched for a pricey $999. Samsung managed to keep this under check with the Galaxy S21 launch, which started from $799. With frequent discounts on major online stores like Amazon, not to mention a lower starting price with upgraded cameras and internals, the Galaxy S21 was expected to be a home run for Samsung.

Unfortunately, other brands like Xiaomi, which has overtaken its Korean rival in Europe by reaching the top spot, have started to chip away at Samsung’s market share. Also, Apple’s iPhone 12 launch has been immensely successful, which may have contributed to the Galaxy S21’s poor sales performance. Previous reports also predict the iPhone 13 to be even more successful, suggesting that the Galaxy S22 might suffer the same fate if Samsung does not have a working strategy at play.

The company will likely attempt to shift the odds in its favor by launching capable mid-rangers in the coming months, as well as targeting the affordability category. Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 2200 with an AMD GPU might narrow the performance gap when running in the Galaxy S22, bringing in some much-needed positive spotlight, so it is not like everything is lost for the Korean behemoth.

As of right now, Samsung also has an unrivaled market share in the foldable smartphone category, so one setback is unlikely to distract the company, though repeated failures might come back to haunt it.

News Source: Business Post