Galaxy S21 Will Use Bixby’s Voice Recognition to Unlock the Device


We are aware that the Galaxy S21 is going to go official in the coming months. As far as the unlocking options are concerned, you will get access to the under-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. In addition to that, you will also have access to the usual face unlock. However, based on a new report, the Galaxy S21 series can be unlocked using Bixby's voice recognition system.

You Will be Able to Unlock Your Galaxy S21 Using Your Voice

According to the report, the Galaxy S21 will be the first device that will introduce the feature that will let the users use voice recognition to unlock their phone, which will be a Bixby feature. Technically, this feature will not be exclusive to the Galaxy S21 series only as sooner or later this will roll out to all devices that have the Bixby support, so you are good to go.

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In One UI 3.1, Bixby is going to be able to unlock your Galaxy S21 using voice recognition the same way a fingerprint, PIN, or face unlock feature is going to work. As far as the specifics are concerned, we are not sure how this implementation will work. We are also not sure if Samsung will put any measures in place to ensure that this feature does not get misused to gain access to someone else's phone.

Samsung is not the first, however, to introduce this feature. Google introduced something similar back in 2018 with Google Assistant but later decided to ditch the feature over security concerns. We believe the same security concerns will need to be addressed by Samsung before this feature makes it big and available on various Galaxy phones.

The Galaxy S21 is the town's talk, and we are certainly looking forward to what Samsung has to offer; now they are reworking their whole release roadmap. We will keep you posted as there is more information on the devices.