Galaxy S21 Ultra With S-Pen Failed to Meet Samsung’s Expectations, Says Tipster; One Reason Why Note Series Is Expected to Return


With the launch of its newest flagship series, Samsung decided to give the larger Galaxy S21 Ultra another useful feature; compatibility with the S-Pen. While most enthusiasts will assume this to be a step towards the end of the Galaxy Note series, leaks and sources do not support this claim, believing that the premium handset has failed to meet Samsung’s expectations.

Samsung Has Also Mentioned That the Galaxy Note Series Will Make a Comeback in 2022

Twitter tipster Tron cleared this debate when he mentioned that the company was thinking about bringing back the Galaxy Note series next year, claiming that sales of the Galaxy S21 Ultra had not been up to the company’s predictions. Although Samsung had sufficient time experimenting with its Galaxy Note series, the implementation of the S-Pen on the Galaxy S21 Ultra was nowhere near ideal.

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Not only did the S-Pen have no Bluetooth support, the Galaxy S21 Ultra had no place to hold the stylus, meaning that users would experience more than a bit of encumbrance carrying around the accessory. Opposite to Tron’s claim, Samsung recently dubbed the Galaxy S21 series as its star performer. Previous reports have stated that there was an increase in sales of its flagship line up during the first quarter of this year.

Even though Samsung has not yet published a global breakup of sales for individual models, the base Galaxy S21 saw a staggering 52 percent market share of the lineup in the company’s hometown, South Korea. Second on the list was the Galaxy S21 Ultra with its S-Pen, securing about 27 percent of the lineup’s sales in March.

While the situation of the Galaxy S21 Ultra sales in South Korea does not support the tipster’s claim, the global picture could be entirely different. Fortunately, customers who missed the Galaxy Note series would be in for a treat as Samsung could introduce the Galaxy Note 21 next year, and unlike the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it could feature improved S-Pen features, along with a holster for the stylus.

News Source: Tron