Samsung Will Remotely Disable All Galaxy Note7 Devices That Have Not Been Returned Starting Later This Month

Galaxy Note7 remotely disabled

Owners who are still in possession of a Galaxy Note7 must be bragging vehemently that their phone has not burst into flames even after all this time. Regardless, that does not mean that people continue to use it knowing that it could go off anytime. Samsung certainly is not taking any chances with this and although the company has done a phenomenal job with both its recall phases, it is preparing a ‘remote disable’ switch that will render the Galaxy Note7 completely useless.

Samsung Aiming to Completely Disable the Charging Port of Galaxy Note7 Devices That Have Not Been Returned

According to the latest statistic, 97 percent of Galaxy Note devices have been returned, but there are still those who continue to hold on to their devices. Perhaps it is because they cannot secure the funds to make an upgrade to a different phone, or in this case, a downgrade because despite the issues plaguing the Note7, critics deemed it the best Android smartphone of 2016. Whatever the reason might be, Samsung is prepared to kill the devices permanently by preparing a remote disable switch that will prevent the phones from getting charged.

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According to The Korea Herald, the disable switch will be rolled out in the form of a software update and once that has been officially released later this month, you will not be able to charge the phone using a power brick, the power bank or even a wireless charging pad. With this method, Samsung will ensure that no Galaxy Note7 can be used ever again while at the same time, giving them a hint to make a potential upgrade to either the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Both of these aforementioned phones are going to be announced on March 29 and pre-orders are expected to begin shortly after their unveiling. If you are disappointed in having to let go of the Galaxy Note7, the timing for you could not have been perfect as you have the chance to experience what it is like to hold the next piece of mobile computing marvels, and that is the Galaxy S8.

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