Galaxy Note 8 Dream Is Still Alive – Leaked to Be Codenamed ‘BAIKAL’


Samsung’s mobile chief has reassured the public that the manufacturer is still determined to release a Galaxy Note 8 down the road and it looks like the alleged codename of the upcoming phablet has been leaked.

Previous Rumors Have Indicated That the Galaxy Note 8 Will Feature a Highly Advanced Modem Coupled With a UHD Display

Coming from the bowels of Twitter, a leaked image showcasing the codename ‘BAIKAL’ can be seen in the tweet below. The stylus can also be seen in the image and one of the most interesting things about this picture are the crystals present. This could show that Samsung might release a color exclusive model for the Note 8. As far as official model names go, we’re not sure if the manufacturer is going to name it similar to the Note7 by calling it the ‘Note8’, or will it be called ‘Note 9’. Looks like we will have to wait and find out regarding this update.

Samsung Finally Buries the Galaxy Note 8 After 4 Years

Previous rumors have suggested that one feature from the Galaxy Note 8 could be a 4K display. Additionally, a leaked specification sheet from China detailed that Samsung was working on not one, but two high-end Exynos chipset variants with different processor clock speeds. It is possible that the Galaxy Note 8 comes outfitted with the more powerful Exynos SoC version, which will also pack a more powerful GPU. If you have heard of the Shannon 359 modem, then you will know the advantage it possesses if found on the Note 8. Just to give your memory a little jolt, this modem will provide support for just about all the network basebands around the globe, and they have been listed as follows:

  • TD-LTE
  • CDMA2000
  • CDMA
  • GSM

All of these upgrades will mean that the Galaxy Note 8 will be pricier than its predecessor was at launch, but for now, take the image and the tweet with a grain of salt. While we do know that the phablet lineup is alive and well, we’ll still need confirmation on its codename.