Galaxy Note 7 Recall Reaches Final Stages as Samsung Brings Back Nearly 2.7 Million Units


Since there were a huge number of incidents involving the Galaxy Note 7 where the device would go up in smoke and deliver a small amount of damage to the surroundings, the recall phase was initiated by Samsung in a bid to replace the batteries to make them safe. After that didn’t pan out the way the tech giant wanted, it ultimately made the decision to stop selling the smartphone altogether. While we certainly cannot give a round of applause to Samsung for failing to prevent its flagship from exploding, at least we can appreciate the strides it took to recall a plethora number of units.

Samsung Reported to Have Recalled 2.7 Million Galaxy Note 7 Units – Still Has Not Provided Its Own Analysis of Why the Phablet Was Exploding in the First Place

According to sources close to the matter, out of a total 3.06 million Galaxy Note 7 units, Samsung has managed to recall a total of 2.7 million units. These are impressive statistics, and what’s even more impressive is that the return ratio from major markets like North America and Europe is well above 90 percent. Some users still cling to their Note 7s and Samsung has provided a nice little surprise for them that will result in a very expensive paperweight in the form of a smartphone. Some carriers are on board with Samsung’s decision, but Verizon does not seem to share the same approach.

Irrespective, Samsung has done a tremendous job throughout these three months and now that they could provide us with their own explanation on why the Note 7 ended up exploding, that would be great. Samsung claims that it will provide its own insights on why the phablet went up in smoke, but it looks like a team of teardown aficionados have already reached the conclusion. Samsung’s engineers didn’t leave sufficient space between for the battery to breath easily when expanding, thereby concluding that this is the reason why the former crown jewel became a ticking time bomb.

At the end of the day, do you think Samsung managed to do a fairly good job of recalling its Galaxy Note 7? Let us know your thoughts in the comments right away.